Tuesday, December 24, 2013

New purchases

winter days.
 Last weekend I went to Amoeba Music for the first time in a long time. If you don't know what that is since they only have stores in California, it's basically a huge music store where you can find music (cds, records, tapes) from any artist that you can think of. They also have books, movies, posters, shirts, and pins, it's pretty amazing to say the least.
They have a little area where they keep more valuable/collectible things inside a glass shelf and in there I saw this Christiane F. book. I've always wanted to read the book ever since I saw the movie and since it was at a much cheaper price than I could ever get online I decided to buy it, I can't wait to read it!
 The cat cd I got on a whim thinking it would be good because of the cover even though it had no track or artist info on it.
The music wasn't that good and it only has 4 songs but I love the kitty artwork.
I've always wanted a physical copy of "Grace" by Jeff Buckley so when I saw it there and on sale I took the opportunity. It was definitely worth it just for the booklet alone. I feel a little more complete now.
This Bjork poster is so beautiful I had to get it.
I got this cute bunny pin too.
I thrifted this dark mustard colored cardigan and this dress that reminds me of a cloudy sky.
And some more things I thrifted...
Various brooches.
I didn't see it until I got home but on the back of the flower bouquet one it says it's from the coronation of King George the 6th in 1937, that's pretty cool and it's so pretty. 

 A button purse, I just have to replace the chain for a longer one.
Really sparkly black rainbow glitter tights. They are so fun to wear.
A pretty purple-pink oriental style dress.
I love the material and color.  ♡
I also thrifted this long black coat and I've always wanted one like it so I was very happy.
I'm loving this song at the moment and I also really need to get some sleep.
Thanks for reading :)
I hope to do a proper outfit post soon and also a DIY that I've been wanting to do for a looong time and I'm almost ready to start it but I just need a couple more materials.
Have a great week and Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 16, 2013


 Hello! I know I haven't posted in a long time (again) but I just finished with finals so I'll have some more time to post for the time being. This post is just going to be about... well what the title implies, so it's probably going to be random and a little boring, I'm sorry. I'm also planning to make a post on some recent purchases so I'll probably do that next time.  
I've been using my tumblr a little more lately and I got a new theme. If anyone wants to check it out you can click here.
I learned how to make some cute Japanese emoticons such as:
∩_ _∩
(○◕ ∇ ◕)
My boyfriend's grandma gave me this cute little edible gingerbread house the other day. It has windows and candy canes on the side. 
My dog became very interested in what I was taking pictures of as you can see.
While I was walking to class the other day, a guy came up to me and asked me if I could help him with something. He was holding a big camera so I thought he needed help with something picture related so of course I said yes. Then a lady comes over and tells me that they're making an English learning video for children in Korea and that I would just have to say some sentences in English from a script and then add on something of my choice. I was a little apprehensive when she said that because I wasn't expecting to be filmed but I agreed to and we filmed right then and there as all the students passed by. Overall It was a nice experience and when I was done she gave me this handmade phone charm from Korea.
 It reminded me of the time when I was doing volunteer work and a lady who later told me she was a director asked me If I would be in her video for NBC. I just had to read back some lines and answer some questions and after fill out a release form. She bought me ice cream too, It was pretty fun.    
New warm tights. 
 I've been listening to Grimes a lot lately. I really like these photos of her that were taken for Teen Vogue's December issue (photos from tumblr).    
Also I just discovered/listened to her whole first album not too long ago, it was a magical experience. I really like this song...
(as well as Rosa and Venus in Fleurs)
If you like Grimes, what's your favorite Grimes song?
Thanks for reading, have a great week!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Pomegranate cakes

 I know I haven't posted in a while/a long while and I feel like I should have some sort of excuse but really other things took priority and it just unintentionally happened. I did plan to post this sooner too but I just kept pushing it back. I am glad I took this break though because It made me realize that I wasn't really having that much fun blogging anymore. I don't want to abandon this blog though so I'm going to shift my focus more on liking what I post and posting only when I actually want to, even if that means not posting very often. I want to be excited about what I post but I also don't want to take it too seriously and have it feel like it's something I 'have' to do. Anyhow, I am looking forward to catching up with all the blogs I used to read before this absence. My background right now is kind of random but I just chose it for the time being or maybe forever, I don't know.  
 For this post I wanted to share some of my favorite pages in a book I recently bought called "Watercolor" by Sujean Rim which is filled with paintings from different artists that were all done in watercolor. I hope you like the paintings.
I also wanted to share this simple yet beautiful video for "The Man With The Child In His Eyes" by Kate Bush.

In other news, I started school a few weeks ago which is probably part of the reason why I haven't posted. I actually transferred to a different university so I'm still getting used to it. I do miss the rabbits that roamed freely at my old school and some of the professors but I like this new school so far. I was fairly surprised to find out that this new school has actual restaurants inside and even a little market, my first day there I bought strawberry pocky and green tea candy. Side note: If you ever get the chance to try green tea ice cream or even better, green tea mochi ice cream, try it. It's delicious.
 Have a great week!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Favorite Films: Daisies

Hello :)
Today I'm going to be reviewing the 1966 Czech film Daisies aka Sedmikráski.
The Criterion Collection describes Daisies as being one of the great works of feminist cinema. That, along with the fact that it's an experimental film with seemingly interesting film stills was enough to make me really want to watch the film. Since this is a "review" I'll give a brief summary of the plot, however if you've never seen the film before I found it much more exciting and refreshing to just let the film take you along and probably surprise you (in a good way). It's a pretty short film too so you'll want to take in everything, at the end I wished it was longer.
Daisies is about the lives/adventures of two girls, Marie 1 and Marie 2, who I believe mention that they are sisters. The reckless pair don't lead regular lives, they've decided that the world has turned "bad"/is essentially meaningless and go around treating everything as such. They don't take anything seriously and they do absolutely whatever they want, their way. The film is basically about independence from the conventions of normal everyday life; there are also other meanings and symbolism throughout. Why is it an experimental film you might ask? well, the film uses plenty of color and picture effects such as some parts being in black and white, some in color, others in just one color, and employing various still frames. Daisies felt sort of like an interesting dream, in fact when I woke up the morning after I watched it I searched it online to make sure It actually existed and I didn't just dream it up. After learning a little more about the film after I watched it, I found out that this film was actually banned by the Czech government when it first came out which is pretty interesting. Another notable thing about the film is that the main characters have pretty great style (simple but nice) and just the film overall is stylish, apart from being a great film I could see how it could be considered style inspiration.